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Pennsylvania Phone Numbers for Small Business

Pennsylvania is the birthplace of independence. This is where the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. You can even see the table and chair America’s first president George Washington used to sign the document. The Liberty Bell — symbol of the country’s independence — is also on view in Pennsylvania.

Entrepreneurs can identify with the quest for independence, and Pennsylvania is as good a state as any to achieve it. The state has a healthy presence in energy, technology, life sciences, manufacturing, tourism, film, and agribusiness, and many small businesses and startups are thriving in these industries.

Like their colleagues everywhere, Pennsylvania small businesses need a professional phone system to stay competitive and to deliver a superior customer experience. MightyCall’s virtual small business phone system can help.

Pennsylvania Virtual PBX and Virtual Phone System

MightyCall combines voice, SMS, email, and social media into one smartphone app or in a Web browser. Our virtual PBX and virtual phone system provides many small business phone features that include toll-free 800 numbers, call forwarding, recorded greetings, voicemail boxes for every team member, website click-to-call, and much more.

MightyCall VoIP Phone Service Features

Affordable. Try MightyCall free for 14 days. Then choose a monthly plan starting at only $19.99 for one business number and go up to $99.99 for three numbers. Already have a Pennsylvania small business phone number? Transfer it to the MightyCall virtual phone system for a one-time fee of just $20. MightyCall doesn’t lock you into a contract, either.

Easy to use. MightyCall is a fully managed, cloud-based service, requiring minimal setup and administration on your end. We take care of all the hard work in delivering a professional phone system.

Keep callers from going to voicemail. With MightyCall, you can automatically forward calls to a landline, smartphone, or VoIP phone based on employee availability or the time of day. Have one phone number ring simultaneously on multiple phones. We offer multiple ways to keep your customers from ending up in voicemail.

Present a professional image to callers. MightyCall gives you a professional phone system that makes you sound like a big business, with greetings, a phone tree, extensions, and voicemail boxes for every employee.

Click-to-call. Add a click-to-call button on your website to make it even easier for customers and prospects to reach you.

Get a Local, Toll-Free or Vanity Number in Pennsylvania

Transfer your Pennsylvania phone number or choose a new one and get the MightyCall virtual phone system for small businesses today.

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