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New Jersey Phone Numbers for Small Business

Just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, New Jersey is distinctive in its own right. It’s the most densely populated state in the country and is the second wealthiest state by median household income, for starters. Plus, there’s the famous “Jersey Shore” and Atlantic City, one of the East Coast’s most popular summer and gambling resorts.

The “Garden State” has a diverse economy, with its top industries being pharmaceutical, financial, chemical development, telecommunications, and tourism. Entrepreneurs predominate here; 98.4 of all firms with employees are classified as small businesses.

The MightyCall virtual phone system is helping New Jersey small businesses stay productive, competitive, agile, and customer-friendly.

New Jersey Virtual PBX and Virtual Phone System

MightyCall combines voice, SMS, email, and social media customer interactions into one smartphone app or in a Web browser. The MightyCall virtual PBX and virtual phone system delivers many small business phone features such as toll-free 800 numbers, call forwarding, recorded greetings, voicemail boxes for every team member, website click-to-call, and much more.

MightyCall VoIP Phone Service Features

Save money. MightyCall offers competitively priced plans that start at just $19.99 for one business number. You can transfer your current New Jersey small business phone number to MightyCall for a one-time fee of only $20. Plus, no contracts!

Stay focused on business. MightyCall’s fully managed virtual phone system lives in the cloud and works with existing landline, VOIP and smartphones. We take care of all the infrastructure so you can keep your eye on business.

Increase productivity. With MightyCall’s intelligent call routing, employees can more easily and effectively handle customer communications. For example, one employee can answer calls when another worker is busy — which helps keep callers from going to voicemail.

Present a professional image to customers. You’ll have a professional phone system with greetings, a phone tree, extensions, and voicemail boxes for each employee. Add a click-to-call button on your website to make it even easier for customers and prospects to reach you.

Take business and personal calls on the same phone. Use one smartphone or other phone for business and personal needs. MightyCall will even mask your personal number, so you can keep it private.

Get a Local, Toll-Free or Vanity Number in New Jersey

Transfer your New Jersey phone number or choose a new one and get the MightyCall virtual phone system for small businesses today.

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