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Montana Phone Numbers for Small Business

The name “Montana” derives from the Spanish word montaña, which means “mountain.” It’s an appropriate name, given that Montana has 77 mountain ranges that are part of the Rocky Mountains.

Here in “Big Sky Country,” 97.5 percent of all employers are small businesses. Given that the state was ranked as having the sixth most competitive business tax system in the country, it’s no wonder. Many Montana small businesses in the agriculture, mining, and tourism industries are thriving.

Montana Virtual PBX and Virtual Phone System

MightyCall is a popular choice for small businesses in Montana looking for a cost-effective, flexible, virtual phone system. MightyCall connects voice, SMS, email, and social media customer interactions in one smartphone app or in a Web browser. We offer many features that make running a small business in Montana easier, such as toll-free 800 numbers, call forwarding, and a variety of recorded greetings.

MightyCall VoIP Phone Service Features

Low cost. MightyCall’s rates are very affordable. One business number is just $19.99, and with our app you can make calls over Wi-Fi for additional cost savings. Plus, no contracts!

Reduce operating costs. Keep equipment costs low by using one smartphone or other phone for both business and personal contacts to call. Also, because MightyCall is a fully managed cloud-based service, you don’t need to install, manage and upgrade hardware or software — saving you time, money and headaches.

Increase customer satisfaction. MightyCall will automatically forward calls to a landline, smartphone, or VoIP phone based on employee availability or time of day. By answering calls right away and keeping callers out of voicemail jail, you can deliver a more positive customer experience.

Increase employee productivity. With intelligent call routing, your employees can more easily and effectively handle customer communications. For example, one employee can easily answer calls when another worker is busy.

Grow your virtual phone system as needed. With MightyCall, there are no contracts, so you can scale your virtual phone system easily and cost-effectively as your business expands.

Get a Local, Toll-Free or Vanity Number in Montana

Transfer your Montana phone number or choose a new one and get the MightyCall virtual phone system for small businesses today.

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