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Missouri Phone Numbers for Small Business

Missouri has a long history of creativity, ingenuity and daring. Mark Twain hailed from Missouri and his early life here served as the foundation for some of his classic novels. On a lighter note, the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis introduced the waffle cone, cotton candy, iced tea, and Dr. Pepper. In 1912, while over St. Louis, Captain Berry made the first successful parachute jump from a moving airplane.

Small businesses are flying high in Missouri, too. The U.S. Small Business Administration named a brother and sister quilting company as the nation’s Small Business Persons of the Year in 2015. Many small businesses thrive in the state’s top industries, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial and professional services and agriculture/bioscience.

Missouri Virtual PBX and Virtual Phone System

MightyCall is an ideal small business partner for companies in Missouri. The MightyCall virtual phone system connects voice, SMS, email, and social media customer interactions in one smartphone app or in a Web browser. MightyCall’s small business phone system features include toll-free 800 numbers, call forwarding, recorded greetings, voicemail boxes for every team member, and more.

MightyCall VoIP Phone Service Features

Low cost. MightyCall’s rates are very affordable. One business number is just $19.99, and with our app you can make calls over Wi-Fi for additional cost savings. Plus, no contracts!

Easy to use. Because MightyCall is a fully managed cloud-based service, you don’t need to install, manage and upgrade any phone hardware. We handle it for you, so you can take care of business.

Never miss a call. With intelligent call routing, your employees can more easily and effectively handle customer communications. For example, one employee can easily answer calls when another worker is busy. Our virtual phone system will help prevent customers from going to voicemail. You’ll spend less time playing phone tag with customers and more time actually helping them — which is sure to increase customer satisfaction.

Stay connected on social media. MightyCall lets your whole team access your business social media accounts so you won’t miss an important message. By connecting your MightyCall account to your Twitter or a Facebook account, your direct messages and mentions will automatically be turned into tasks and added to the MightyCall activity queue.

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