Florida Phone Numbers

Florida Phone Numbers for Small Business

Florida is famous as “the Sunshine State,” where vacationers come in the warm winter months to golf, swim, play tennis and visit theme parks such as Disney World.

But Florida is not just for recreation. The state is serious about business, too — particularly small business, which represents nearly 99 percent of all the state’s employers. Florida small businesses give their state high marks for a lenient tax code and ease in hiring. And Florida was no. 5 in a 2014 survey that ranked states based on policies and costs that impact small businesses. From restaurants to retail to recreation, Florida small business is thriving.

Florida Virtual PBX and Virtual Phone System

MightyCall’s virtual phone system helps small businesses in Florida stay competitive, productive and efficient. MightyCall combines voice, SMS, email, and social media customer interactions in one smartphone app or in a Web browser. Our professional small business phone system provides toll-free 800 numbers, call forwarding, recorded greetings, voicemail boxes for every team member, and much more.

MightyCall VoIP Phone Service Features

Low cost. MightyCall’s rates are very affordable. One business number is just $19.99, and with our app you can make calls over Wi-Fi for additional cost savings. Plus, no contracts!

Convenient. Have multiple phones ring at the same time with one phone number. Share and transfer activities with coworkers, and track your voice calls, email, SMS and social media networks in one intuitive dashboard.

Keeps everyone productive and focused. Automatically forwards calls to a landline, smartphone, or VoIP phone based on employee availability or time of day. And because MightyCall is a fully managed cloud-based service, we’ll take care of the system management and upgrades so you can stay focused on business.

Look and sound like a big company. MightyCall offers a professional phone system with greetings, a phone tree, extensions, and voicemail for every staff member. Plus, you can make it easy for customers to call you from your website with just one click, for free. Or they can easily request a call back.

Send/receive business and personal calls on the same device. Use one smartphone or other phone for business and personal phone numbers — while still keeping your private phone number masked.

Get a Local, Toll-Free or Vanity Number in Florida

Transfer your Florida phone number or choose a new one and get the MightyCall virtual phone system for small businesses today.